The Amazing Bay the largest super water park in Vietnam with Paradise Beach filled with white sand and magical waves 4 meters high, appeared for the first time in Vietnam. On April 30, 2022, The Amazing Bay - Ky Dieu Bay was officially put into operation at Son Tien Ecotourism City - Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, with a total investment of more than 2500 billion VND, with an area of over 25 hectares, can accommodate up to 30,000 visitors.

Designed by professional design consultants with the world's leading modern, high-quality standard equipment and games. Along with that are 5 unique records set:
1. The largest water park in Vietnam
2. The largest artificial sea in Vietnam
3. The highest artificial wave in Vietnam
4. The longest magical river in Vietnam
5. The largest outdoor LED screen in Vietnam

The Amazing Bay - Miraculous Bay promises to be an interesting destination for all domestic and foreign tourists. Not only that, according to the strategic vision, in phase 2 of the project, it will be a place to fully integrate all infrastructure under the unique "Smart Urban Area and Eco-Tourism" project. , scale, modern. Combination of: Travel, Leisure, Resort, Food, Culture.

The Amazing Bay is one of the major projects of Suoi Tien Cultural Tourism Group with a history of more than 27 years of establishment, headed by Chairman/General Director of Dinh Van Vui Group, a son from the industrious hometown of Soc Trang. dear.
With the brand advantage plus the founder's strategic orientation, vision and long-term plan,  The Amazing Bay is considered a key project of the Group when located in prime location in the Southeast provinces.
Located in the middle of an intersection gateway in the strategic quadrangle: TP. Ho Chi Minh City - Dong Nai - Binh Duong - Ba Ria Vung Tau with investment capital: 3.5 billion USD, divided into 2 development phases on an area of 400ha: urban area (200ha), tourist area (200ha) . The first stage of tourism - entertainment - entertainment was named The Amazing Bay.




THE AMAZING BAY - The largest super water park in Vietnam with main activities in the following areas: Tourism - Amusement - Entertainment.

At The Amazing Bay - Wonders Bay offers a variety of large and small underwater games for all ages. Accompanied by entertainment services, quality services to bring customers the most enjoyable experience.

1. Fun - Entertainment

True to a Super Water Park, here are designed 5 entertainment clusters with 15 games according to Canadian standards. Visitors will be able to discover and experience all the exciting sensations of conquest.

· Undersea City: explore 2 busy commercial streets combining many famous domestic and foreign brands. Visitors enjoy surfing at The Waves of the Dead - a new, modern and attractive man-made surfing game, first appearing in Vietnam.

· Chill Burst Quest: includes 3 game clusters dedicated to children with the theme of Polar Ice Ocean, experience 2 giant slides with unexpected turns. Most especially, the Miraculous River winding around with a length of 700m can accommodate up to 6,000 guests.

· The Secret Port Royal: a series of games with many tough challenges, visitors experience 5 slides longer than 650m in search of ocean treasures.

· Aloha The Paradise Beach: the magical tsunami waves up to 4m high blend into the 4,200m2 wide white sand beach with a water surface area of about 21,000m2, accommodating up to 30,000 people. At the central beach area, visitors first experience the giant LED screen of more than 2,000 inches, a combination of visual and sound effects that are wonderful and vivid.

·Cave Wonders: including 2 large slides, Magic Storm and Magical Flying Carpet, visitors experience the feeling of flying with the genie and explore the mysterious cave of ancient Persia.

2. Cuisine

In addition to entertainment and relaxation services, visitors will enjoy a variety of transcontinental delicacies from Asia to Europe with their family and loved ones at the chain of restaurants located on the Park's premises.

· Ocean Oasis

The restaurant chain specializes in serving European dishes, the space and the dishes are full of flavor, the way of seasoning, the cooking methods, the use of ingredients and even the European decoration.

When you enjoy the food at Ocean Oasis, you will feel like you are sitting at a sea restaurant where the Western sky is authentic.

· Long Vuong restaurant

In contrast to Ocean Oasis, Long Vuong restaurant has bold fresh flavors from Sushi dishes from the land of the sun in Japan.

· Goddess of Pearl Restaurant

For Asian customers is the restaurant chain Goddess Pearl, located next to the poetic beach. With a culinary system specializing in Asian dishes, helping customers have a variety of choices when coming to The Amazing Bay.

· Blue Whale Restaurant

With large groups of tourists, don't worry because there is Blue Whale Restaurant, which has the largest area of all restaurants here. Guests will enjoy a cool, comfortable space, along with enjoying countless delicious dishes here.

3. Culture and Belief Tourism

Updating and developing the trend of modern entertainment - entertainment, but at The Amazing Bay, the religious element is honored and paralleled in the chain of resort services. Help customers find a place of peace, quiet their mind and restore positive energy with religious works imbued with Vietnamese culture.

· Temple of "The Five Elements Saint Mother of Son Tien"

Started construction in December 2014 on an area of more than 10 hectares, is a complex of cultural and spiritual architecture imbued with Asian culture with temples, hills, rivers, lakes and vegetation.

· Luu Ly Ngoc Bao Ho

It is a place with a poetic and shimmering beauty of many treasures in heaven that brings visitors peace and goodness.

· Luc Bao Lac Jinghu

Like a giant jade located in the heart of Son Tien Ecotourism City. Coming to this project, visitors seem to be lost in a fairyland with charming and poetic beauty.

· Son Tien Dai Loc Thien

Being a unique treasure that is only available at Son Tien will bring everyone: great fortune, many blessings, always happiness.

Suoi Tien Group, including Suoi Tien Cultural Tourism Joint Stock Company and Son Tien Ecotourism City Company, has grown strongly with famous brands of tourism - entertainment - entertainment and real estate. real estate after 27 years of establishment and development.


The Amazing Bay - Excitement from A to Aaahh!

The Amazing Bay Super Water Park project was built and officially opened.

With the purpose: Bring Vietnam's tourism industry to the world level, promote the scale of the most modern entertainment playground with other countries, affirm the position of Suoi Tien Group, and be the place to bring elements, positive energy for anyone coming here.

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