If you are a Food lover, it will be a pity if you come to The Amazing Bay but ignore the culinary restaurant chains here.

Why say that, because this place, in addition to the services of Entertainment - Entertainment - Sightseeing, cuisine is one of the outstanding highlights that The Amazing Bay wants to bring to the most complete service for visitors.

Food is one of the indispensable parts of a Vietnamese culture wherever you are. Same goes for Son Tien Eco-Tourism City, with a variety of dishes from Europe to Asia, which are adjusted by the chefs to suit everyone's taste.

Not only stopping at the dishes, recipes and food ingredients, but above all, the restaurant chain systems also contain a separate natural culture formed in the life of each country. The dishes are invested, arranged in harmony in color to taste, making the overall dish reasonable, adding an irresistible attraction, especially for tourists when to The Azming Bay.

The most prominent in Son Tien Ecotourism City The Amazing Bay - Miraculous Bay is a system of famous restaurants such as:

· Ocean Oasis

The restaurant chain specializes in serving European dishes, the space and the dishes are full of flavor, the way of seasoning, the cooking methods, the use of ingredients and even the European decoration.

When you enjoy the food at Ocean Oasis, you will feel like you are sitting at a sea restaurant where the Western sky is authentic.

· Long Vuong restaurant

In contrast to Ocean Oasis, Long Vuong restaurant has bold fresh flavors from Sushi dishes from the land of the sun in Japan.

· Goddess of Pearl Restaurant

For Asian customers is the Pearl Goddess restaurant chain, located next to the poetic beach. With a culinary system specializing in Asian dishes, helping customers have a variety of choices when coming to The Amazing Bay.

· Blue Whale Restaurant

With large groups of tourists, don't worry because there is Blue Whale Restaurant, which has the largest area of all restaurants here. Guests will enjoy the cool, comfortable space, along with enjoying countless delicious dishes here.

Come to The Amazing Bay to enjoy and experience the diverse culinary culture chain across the continent.