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Explode with MAGICAL JUNE, with countless HOT programs:
🔥 New, super attractive package tickets:
❤️ #100% free package ticket for Kids under 1m height
❤️# 250K /Kid (Kids with height from 1m to under 1m4)
❤️# 300K/ College Student (students from 1m4 height & with valid college student ID and buy tickets directly)
❤️ # 450K / Adult (Adult with height over 1m4)

🔥 From June 1st through August 31st, 2023:
🌈 APPLY PACKAGE TICKET VOUCHER FOR CHILDREN height less than 1m4. Special gift to congratulate the hard work of the children in the past school year.
💛 Voucher schedule: From June 01st through June 06th 2023, Saturdays & Sundays in June 2023
💛 Please note: the voucher is valid for your next visit!
🔥 From June 2nd to June 30th, 2023, world class water park The Amazing Bay is paying tribute to Visitors with the MAGICAL JUNE program:
🌈 BUY 04 ADULT TICKETS – GET 01 FREE KID TICKET (for Kids under 1m4)
💚 Applicable when buying tickets directly at the counter and Children under 1m4 height accompanied by Parents.
🔥 100% FREE ticket to visit Rambutan Farm: Rambutan Farm is 10 hectares with 1500 rambutan trees in full ripening season, this is a new type of tourism in the west of the river right in Dong Nai, appearing for the first time in Son Tien Tourist City from June 1st, 2023.
Come to world class water park The Amazing Bay for your children the whole meaningful summer!
🏄  Siêu công viên nước The Amazing Bay  🏄
                     Đã từ A đến Áaahh!!!
🌴 Địa chỉ: Quốc Lộ 51, Khu Phố 4, Phường An Hoà, Biên Hoà, Đồng Nai
🌴 Hotline: 1900 633 087
🌴 Website: https://theamazingbay.com/ 
🌴 Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theamazingbay/ 
🌴 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theamazingbay/
🌴 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@theamazingbay-vinhkydieu/