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The Son Tien Ecotourism City, one of the key projects of the Suoi Tien Group, has evolved into a major and sustainable tourism, entertainment, and leisure brand. Conveniently located on National Highway 51, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, just 30 minutes away from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Son Tien promises to offer visitors unique experiences.

As the upcoming Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024 approach, Son Tien is ready to welcome guests with exciting entertainment experiences at The Amazing Bay – the largest water park in Vietnam, and Amazing Island Resort – a peaceful resort in the heart of the city.

Furthermore, especially during the Tet holiday in 2024, Son Tien plans to unveil two new mega projects in the culinary and entertainment sector, with an investment capital of over 1,000 billion VND. This is expected to become an ideal destination for tourists in the coming year, providing unique and captivating experiences.

The impressive corner and continuous performances during the year-end festival

During this year's Tet holiday, at The Amazing Bay – the Magical Gulf, this water park promises to offer visitors unique experiences with 5 Vietnamese records, 30 water slides, and 09 underwater game clusters suitable for all ages. Not only an entertainment venue, The Amazing Bay is also a place to enjoy the lively festive atmosphere. Visitors can participate in artistic programs such as puppet parades, meet fairies, watch water drum performances, and join gift-check-in events, all organized with modernity and creativity.

Especially, The Amazing Bay enhances the visitor experience by equipping shaded areas within the premises, ensuring that guests have comfortable and reassuring moments. In addition, the grape season has arrived, and the Grape Farm restaurant inside the water park becomes vibrant with robust grapevines and clusters of ripe French black grapes, and juicy Japanese Ruby grapes. With a capacity of over 3,000 guests, this restaurant offers a diverse menu and reasonable prices, making it an ideal venue for year-end parties or outdoor weddings.


The Amazing Bay welcomes a large number of visitors during Christmas 2023.

Melodious tunes from the violin will accompany a warm Christmas dinner and usher in a lucky New Year at Amazing Island Resort. Experience various activities such as Christmas painting workshops, releasing lanterns to make wishes, leisurely bike rides to enjoy the refreshing spring breeze, and outdoor movie nights. Nestled between the Buong River and Ben Go River, the prominent resort island features 40 Bungalows with a blend of classical and modern architecture, offering all the necessary amenities. The lush green surroundings make it an ideal place to create unforgettable memories for visitors and their families or friends during the year-end festivities.

Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere at The Amazing Bay.

Two major projects at Son Tien are set to be unveiled in 2024

Following the success of the current projects, Son Tien plans to introduce two entirely new "masterpieces" in entertainment and recreation: the Southeast Water Tourism Area and the Specialized Theme Park bringing together exciting games from around the world, designed for visitors who enjoy exploration and adventure.

The dining area in the new project features an open and refreshing space.

The Southeast Water Tourism Area replicates the riverine lifestyle with various unique sightseeing, recreational, and entertainment activities. The entire area encompasses more than 250 structures of various sizes, including restaurants offering specialties from the Southeast region and around the world, as well as fruit farms showcasing a variety of local and exotic fruits: longan, coconut, French black grapes, Japanese Ruby grapes, golden milk breast-shaped fruits, and more. Visitors can enjoy fresh fruits in the orchard or purchase them to take home.

Adding a modern touch, visitors can engage in various water activities such as stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), water cycling on swan boats, rowing, along with team-building activities, camping, unique check-in areas, and many other activities that simulate the riverine lifestyle of the Southeast region.

The central station of the project promises to be a smooth and luxurious stopover.

The Specialized Theme Park explores a miniature world right in Dong Nai. With a railway route spanning over 17 km and a central train station featuring 25 locomotives, capable of serving nearly 4,000 passengers per trip. Riding on the train, visitors will explore 12 destinations simulating famous civilizations worldwide along major rivers, offering an all-encompassing journey of entertainment, education, and upscale resorts that is both attractive and unique.

Especially, for the first time in Dong Nai, visitors can experience various terrains from dry land to the Amazon swamp with over 40 tanks and off-road vehicles, as well as off-road racing vehicles for both adults and children.

Experience a variety of novel games and interesting check-in points from around the world right in Dong Nai.

Developing spiritual sites brings luck to those who visit.

Developing spiritual sites brings luck to those who visit. In parallel with the development of tourism, entertainment, and recreation, Son Tien also introduces a spiritual tourism complex, including the Temple of the Five Holy Mothers in Son Tien, Lady Xo Temple, Earth God Temple, Water God Temple, Son Tien Dai Loc Thien Pagoda, and continuous structures such as the Hong Phuc Mon Marvel, Phuoc Tho Dai Loc Kieu, the statue of Ly Ngu Crossing the Vu Mon to Transform into a Dragon, the largest Kim Quy statue transforming into a Dragon in Vietnam, the Thien Truc Island with the statue of Buddha and 12 manifestations, and the Buddha's Ancestor structure on Bồ Đề Ngọc Bảo Thiên Island along with 18 Arhats.

Each structure throughout the Son Tien Ecotourism City carries significance, bringing luck and peace to visitors who come to explore and pray, especially during festive occasions. In the future, Son Tien will continue to innovate and develop ceaselessly to offer new experiences. Visitors won't need to travel far, as Son Tien in Dong Nai will be an ideal destination, promising to elevate Vietnam's tourism industry to global standards and affirm the position of Son Tien and the Suoi Tien Group.


The Amazing Bay Ticket Prices:

Children under 1m: Free
Children from 1m to under 1m4: 250,000 VND
Students (with valid ID): 300,000 VND
Adults from 1m4 and above: 450,000 VND
Amazing Island Resort Room Rates:
Starting from 610,000 VND/person/night

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