Entertainment and shopping tourism is currently one of the focal points that many Tourism Service Enterprises are interested in and develop synchronously with other parallel service chains when building attractions…

Shopping has long been a complementary element and contributor to the visitor's experience in travel. But in the last few years, shopping has become one of the more influential factors on tourists' travel choices and even become the main motivation for them to decide on trips.

Capturing that trend, in Son Tien Ecotourism City, in addition to the Super Water Park system, Eurasian restaurant chain, sightseeing, etc., shopping stalls are also extremely invested. and is the most important factor in the center of high entertainment when customers come to The Amazing Bay.

As a project of professional stature, at The Amazing Bay, it has attracted many partners in the field of providing diverse and unique "Shopping Tourism" products such as: Le's Path Coffee, Massage Chairs. K&H,… with a lot of shopping brands, experience prestige, quality but at affordable and appropriate prices.

If you are really a believer in "Shopping Tourism", then when coming to The Amazing Bay, don't miss the opportunity to experience and enjoy your shopping preferences while traveling.

What's more fun and saves a lot of time playing at a place that integrates such a wide range of services, right?

Son Tien Ecotourism City - The Amazing Bay is very pleased to welcome and serve you.